I was born in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, the eldest of three children.  My early life found me working in the electronics industry, before the company I was working for was taken over, and the department I was working in, was deemed surplus to requirements. I vowed to be master of my own future at this point and be dependent on no one. At the age of eighteen I started my first company, selling fashion to high street shops and department stores.

Five years later I was married with responsibilities, and in need of security. The next five years found me working for the Ministry of Defence, only to feel undervalued and restricted. I needed once again to control my own destiny and indulge in my passion, writing. I started writing the Prime series of books at this point, only to put the manuscript to one side when the first of my three children were born, and family life overtook events for the next thirty-five years. 

I retired as CEO of my last company in 2015. There is only a limited amount of time you can prune roses, and re-landscape your garden, before you start climbing the walls with boredom. My wife’s attention turned to the attic. Bonfire night 2015 found the contents in a giant heap under a selection of old furniture at the top of the garden. When she came to light the fire with a scrap of paper, low and behold there in her hand was the long lost unfinished, manuscript.

If anyone feels the urge to be a writer, (and they say there is at least one book in each of us.) when you retire, is the ideal time to fulfil your passion. It is something you can do in the shed at the top of your garden, on holiday, and anywhere else you are on the planet. It is an ideal way to spend the long winter nights, hiding away from the rain and the repeats on television. So, if you too feel the urge, give it a go.