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'An Echo in the Stones’ is the first of four books in the PRIME series. It follows the path of six people, their love linked across time, never to diminish or be forgotten. A love even death cannot deny.

It’s 1996, and Paul Masters has the world at his feet. He is rich, good looking, and living in New York, lives a celebrity lifestyle, but something is missing from his life – someone - or something just out of reach.

Since he was a child he has been troubled by dreams of Pagan, Druid rituals, and dancing hand in hand with a beautiful green-eyed woman around the stone circles at Avebury, England. A woman that has haunted him in his dreams throughout his whole life.

He is convinced he has lived before and seeking answers he enrols in a hypnotic regression trial, seeking to prove, or disprove, the transmigration of the soul after death, with terrifying consequences.

He feels compelled to travel back to the land of his forefathers. To the town of Glastonbury and to the stone circles of Avebury, unaware he is being drawn there in answer to an enchantment.

What is his connection to twin girls born with inherited memory in 1599, raised by the old lady of the forest, Morag. She introduces them to the Prime Druids; a secret sect of people that have the ability to remember their previous lives.

Their story unfolds as they too, discover memories and powers inherited from the mother they never knew, and powers that attract the Dark Lords.

Is it love that has spanned the centuries calling him back, or a vengeful malevolent force, seeking retribution for a deed he carried out in his previous existence?

           BOOK 2


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Rich American, Paul Masters, has been enchanted back to his ancestral home of Earlswood near the Somerset town of Glastonbury, England.  A woman who has haunted him in his dreams all his life has captivated his mind, body, and soul.

       Alice Llewellyn had been waiting for four hundred years for her lover from a previous life to be reincarnated.  She is The Earth Mother, and keeper of the henge for the Southwest of England.

      Like all ‘Prime Druids’ she carries the memories of every ancestor in her maternal line from the beginning of time, giving her immense power and knowledge.

       Can Alice revive Paul's lost memories and make him aware of his Prime heritage?

     Has the Primevil Grandmaster contaminated Ursula, drawing her to the dark-side, enticing her to become their Witch Queen.

     Will the complicated love relationship between Lord Monkton, Morag, and Princess Mia blossom?

     Will the Primevil seek retribution against Lord Monkton, his sons, and tenants for rescuing the Princesses?

                  BOOK 3


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Paul and Alice have been reincarnated, rekindling a love they shared four centuries ago. 

The Prime Grandmasters and most of their closest friends have been trapped, tortured, and killed to provide sustenance for the Witch Queen.

They find themselves alone, possibly the last surviving Modern-day Prime Druids. 

The few friends they have left are now under the control of the ‘Primevil.’

To have any chance of defeating the Witch Queen they need to resurrect the souls of their ‘All-Powerful’ ancestors Saul and Sarah Monkton and use their knowledge and Powers to defeat her.

Can they stop the Satanic rituals conducted at the Wood Henge and restrict the power she needs to escape or, will mankind be doomed to an eternity of darkness and evil?