• James Watson

Fascinated by stone megaliths

I have always been fascinated by the stone monoliths, circles, and the stone and wood henge of Wiltshire, Somerset and the Southwest of England.

What secrets could they tell, if only we could hear what they are telling us.

The photo to the left is The West Kennett Avenue – an avenue that connects Avebury with the Neolithic site of The Sanctuary. An 'avenue', originally of around 100 pairs of prehistoric standing stones, raised to form a winding 1 1/2 mile ritual link between the pr-existing monuments of Avebury and The Sanctuary. Part of the Avebury World Heritage Site.

I used this avenue in both the first two novels. Princess Mia and her twin daughters arriving there in 1604 AD and later for their hand-fast in 1614 AD.

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