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Name change for book 2

I chose the area around Glastonbury in the Uk to base the Prime series of books on because it is a place of wonder, of mistery, a magical place.

Lying in the shadow of the Tor, it is steeped in history. The Tor itself was in days gone by, the fabled 'Isle of Avalon.' The center of excellence for Pagan and Druids worship for thousands of years. It was a place of learning, drawing Pagans and enlightened individuals from all over the known world.

The Roman's to all intents and purposes wiped out the Pagans from the mount, fearing their unknown knowledge. knowledge passed down through the age by word of mouth, father to son, mother to daughter.

Then came the Christians who built Saint Michael's tower at the very summit. Some say the Holy Grail is hidden in the abbey grounds or even on the Tor itself. Whether it is true, no one knows.

It is tails and folk law that add to the mystery of the town. It is a place that enchants everyone that takes time to stroll along the narrow streets and alleyways, to visit the 'Chalice well, The Abbey ruins, the 'White Spring Well and Temple' and 'The Goddess Temple' to name but a few.

A trek to the summit of the Tor is a must for anyone with a strong heart. If you do, spend time too simply look and listen. Let your mind wander, be at peace with yourself. imagine the summerset levels below before they were drained. In your mind's eye see the tor as an Island, A safe haven for Pagans, Druids, Christians throughout the millennia of time. The magical isle of Avalon.

There is nowhere in the world like Glastonbury, a welcoming place for all free-thinking individuals.

Which brings me to the name change for the second book.

People that bought to very early first editions of Book 1 were informed that the second book in the series was to be called 'The Grooming of a Witch Queen. ' The meaning of the word 'Grooming' has taken on a more sinister meaning since I first started writing these books all those years ago, and several modern-day Alalonians thought it offensive, and could possibly be misleading as to the nature of Glastonbury and its residents. Which, after hearing their concerns I totally agree.

So, the second book in the series is now called 'The Witch Queen.' I hope it gives you as much pleasure as it did for me while writing it.

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